I invite you on a journey of a lifetime...

The time warps and hyperdimensional activities and artifacts SpacePigeon speaks of are reflections (metaphors) of spiritual activities, AND literal hyperdimensional activation patterns, and in a non-dual quantumesque superposition of those states. 

Ian McKenna, California, USA

Veronica's art has an ability to send you into a trance. All are filled with information that speaks to the subconscious mind. It’s very rare to find someone with a vibration as elevated as hers. Dedicated to her passion, passionate about art. She is an embodiment of art, magic and truth.

Vicki Rodriguez, Georgia, USA

Veronica is a strong cosmic healer and I’ve experienced some amazingly positive transformations since getting to know her. She will do a mighty work in you, and if somethings laying dormant in you, she will help you release it.

Mackenzie Nenkervis, California, USA