1010 Portal Gateway: A Conversation

1010 Portal Gateway: A Conversation

Meditation is key to releasing the body and allowing the soul to become present with nothingness. This in terms means to release the physical vessel from the mind, and transcending the mind to be seen in the making of the soul body. Once we reach said understanding we can enter nirvana to reach blissful consciousness connection with source as our own embodiment projecting positive memory and patterns.

We are always connected. When we seek to connect we lose balance of all senses. Instead of connecting because thoughts shifts us in infinite directions. Do not seek, be seen and allow to retrieve the soul through mindful breathing and living. When reached our connection with ultimate source becomes apparent and we transverse energies to further develop our processes on earth.

All physical bodies are prisons of the mind. The light body is visible as the physical squirms to be released into nothingness. We all reach the ultimate experience of detachment. It is where the notion of awakening becomes apparent.

We are never here to force our beliefs or energetic foundation to any soul. Only to show the way to the deeper side of the journey. To assist in uncovering the truth hidden in between the timeline of lies. Then we can truly figure out what is true in our own inner depths of mindful realities or depictions of self through projected reflections.

Thoughts and memory patterns shift us in infinite ways to one day come home to our center focus, being our hearts desire to elevate the mind whilst the soul breathes. It’s all about detachment and release. Detach from the material to release your soul into the infinite.

To be seen is to let the soul flourish without attaching itself to the experience. Just moving gracefully with the workings of the hidden mind the soul holds deeply in our hearts.

My teachings come from ancient wisdom and Thoth knowledge. We are infinite and seen. Trust the process while evaluating the experience.