Cause & Effect

Hello, is the mic on? 1, 2, 3... First and foremost, thank you to each and everyone of you who have supported my cause since day 1. The cause to uplift the human mind into infinite realms of creation and manifestation. I manifest a world where a nickle and a dime is the same as a million dollars waiting to be spend - in other words, where monopoly money no longer controls the mind and visibility of the human race.

It stops being a race when one realizes every instant happening is merely an illusion trapped in the trivial exhibitions of time lost in space.

To find a place alone at night without the murmurs hindering our way of thinking, is to be at peace with nothingness in expansion.

Nothing truly matters when you think about it, because everything is constantly changing and evolving. We are all figuring our trail along the rocky tracks of the human mind.

Let go of lost hope and remember you are a powerful driven force of continuous light. The light that carries your vessel is the same that opens your mind to free itself from betrayal of man-made trivialities. In times of crisis, together we grow, watering each other to blossom and flourish. This life is just a way to show the mind, that the soul is ready to flow.

A soul awakens when the mind lets go of the compact spectrum that makes one weep in sorrow and remorse. A heart celebrates when a being realizes all is fair in love and war.

Everything runs parallel in between the lines lost in time that made you wonder where the next stop is to forever let go.