Earth Master Class

Earth Master: Galactic and Spiritual Entities Experiencing an Awakening to Protect Our Star Nations

Our earth home, our selves here this very moment are a living experiment. We are each experimenting our dream summary. The sum of our dreams. The positive outcome that all of our dreams created. We are experimenting our origins' as origins on a physical plane interconnected with spiritual and galactic forces. This is a virtual reality experience that us as spiritual and/or galactic entities are having for training purposes.

Experiments consists of numbers, colors, forms and movement. Numbers tell us if were moving forward, staying steady, or lacking. Colours show us if our numbers are working together. Forms in this case data graphs show a visual outline of our process. Movement is determined by how all the elements flow into motion.

We are having a virtual experience made up of dimensions and parallel worlds. Our dreams, our sleepless nights, our morning, day and night are all pictures in our mind’s eye. Detailed illustrated images of trees, skies, people, faces, eyes and so much more. We’ve experienced this moment over and over and over again yet in different outcomes that all come into play by the way we react to situations.

Our earth home is an experiment testing our mind’s eye to visualize clearly. We are each part of the resistance, the resistance from a blurred vision. A blurred vision consists of living an altered life constructed by only using outer perception before using inter perception. Outer perception is what we see, this very second. We see what an experiment consist of; forms, colors, numbers and movement. Our inter perception starts from a blank screen or space bar then moves to a resting state of mind. During resting time, we begin to see behind the mind’s eye. We see what an experiment consists of but on a inter-visual reality.

We are spiritual and/or galactic pioneers here to strengthen our mind’s eye and within the depths of our soul we strength our ancestral origins. We each decided to come to earth and strength our soul by moving through 13 dimensions eloquently.

This earth and the many dimensions that are inter and outer to us are for training purposes. We are all data for one another. Data with multiple viewpoints, statistics, and analysis. Our viewpoints are our eyes, statistics are our progress, and analysis are our results. Our soul, our selves, us, we are the master galactic and/or spiritual entities taking our Earth Master Class to experiment with vision and emotions. We are all the spiritual and/or galactic warriors who have always had a clear vision but it was blurred for 500 years to experience fearless emotions and assure ourselves that reactions manifests our outcomes.

As inter and outer dimensional pioneers, we’ve understand that we are here on earth MAGIC plane, 4th dimension, with 5th dimensional and up frequencies learning to cope with 3rd dimensional vehicles.

Numbers on the board, we are music notes. We are fragmented sacred geometric music notes repeating on a continuum spectrum scale.

Data creates exquisite geometric patterns. The milky way galaxy galactic art print is an illustration of two interlocked pyramids with a circle in each point equaling five.

We are here in this earth plane to work on ascending to higher states of consciousness through meditation, collaboration and a positive state of mind. A positive experience gets in A+ in the experiment. With an experience, a letter or number grade defines progress for the collected data. In our daily lives, an experience occurs, a reaction happens that was determined by the viewpoint of the action.

***Scattered thoughts create profound theories.***