Multidimensional Universal Platform

We are in a holographic universe. We are each projections of ourselves and we personify each other through what we perceive with the workings of our mind’s eye and heart. To fully grasp the notion of energy, matter and substance within this mind-frame; we have to observe with theory and intelligence ourselves on a multidimensional universal platform. Earth home is a segment of the multidimensional universal platform that we constructed with our awareness of time and space. This segment is made up of infinite situations within a mind-frame that circulates around a resonant sound, OM 3/0, the heart.

Each holographic body in this segment is continuously flowing in present time through the vast space that resides within the mind-frame. The mind-frame is known as the third eye, pineal glandular. The third eye is what we perceive visually which is everything we see. The unification of energy, matter and substance creates the pictures in motion we perceive including our own holographic body. The 3 unifies and creates our existence within this mind-frame to discover if outer thought forms of the self intervene with our progression to see what the universe truly consists of from our perceived eye.

The multidimensional universal platform unveils when the observer removes itself from the illusion of separation of space and time while in the 3rd dimensional holographic body suit. The observer begins to levitate in this mind-frame once it connects all the multiple dimensional worlds as a basis to freeing the mind from fear of cause and effect.

This earth home is a dream we envisioned as a whole. Each filament of the earth home is comprised of multiple points-of-view that created this present moment in the mind-frame of space and time.

The multidimensional universal platform consists of multiple dimensional worlds conjoined in one multidimensional soul being whom is levitating in a holographic body suit that functions on the unification of energy, matter and substance.