Energy Healing

Energy Healing are reconnective properties of light and gray. As dark matter is a substance of eternal creation, it truly doensn't exist in a percieved hallucination. Energy is expansive vast and minimal in every instant. A percieved form of thought communicating mind to heart and soul to source.

Healing vast delusions inscribed in source-creation is a work not for the faint of heart. An individual must auto-realize it's potential to be oneself while visualizing room for opportunity and success. The opportunity to learn from within the dark space of our own inner experience. The success to overcome adversity realizing life and death is truly a gift made for one to learn, evolve, and expand.

Healing the pieces of the heart that feel tight, frustrating the mind, and aggravating the soul enable the healer within as without to uplift oneself because this too shall pass. As every second is merely an illusion televised in the eye of the beholder.

We do not let the illusion control our passageway. We expand in the preset of humanity reaching within our vessel to exterminate chaos and destruction that treat us unfair. In an insane spur of meloncholic conundrum, we learn to see with both eyes closed. A space where nothingness resides. We are nothingness within as everything without and visa versa.

Thoughts allude the empty space of human waste. As patterns recieved become mirror reflections of destined escapes from mundane tyrrany. Flushing oceanic waves from the solar star chakra to root chakra wash away clouded perceived experiences to regain clarity and focus in this interdimensional multidimensional extradimensional n-dimensional sequence of external manifestation.
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