ET’s and Telepathy

Extraterrestrial visitation is a broad concept. For beings who can connect, their inner eye has maintained open visibility in the physical realm. Time after time, this space we live in expands and abrupts to create a new wave of intergalactic regenerative extraterrestrial life forms to submerge with earthling walk-in vessels. Eye, I, Veronica Lopez, being one. Visitation began before birth onto infinite realms and reflective percieved realities my heart, mind, and soul encounter within the inner light vessel as without the physical 3D body.

A televised personification of light matter recieve percieved intel from inner-outer patterns deliberately co-streaming thy conscious efforts to increase visibility in unseen territories unbeknowest to humankind.

Dreaming of worlds far away from alien homes, elevate the collective soul frequencies to purify heart and mind. Kundalini aligns vertically, and our being, within as without, remembers why we're here. To express one's inner light source.
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