The movie script says,

In the beginning was the word, and the word was god. god is sound, god is frequency. Everything is created and destroyed with frequency. We went to school to learn spellings and curses with cursing writing. It always surprised me that the bible is the shape of a rectangle when a portal or a spell usually takes the shape of a circle like a crop circle or coin. But, if we look at the shape of a circle we find the letter O. The Oracle is in the bible 23 times. The Oracle is a chosen person to be the voice of god. The person becomes a portal. Speaking to an Oracle can assist you in speaking to god. Since you are speaking to an Oracle, you are speaking to the voice of god. The voice of god speaks in terms of symbology and numerology. And; god says that the bible is not a rectangle. It is a circle when you open it. A circle is 3.14. Look for the numbers 3.14 and you will find the portal.

I Once was told; “god is not a magician,” and it’s funny. Funny isn’t god everything?! Why does one feel the need to justify god as a higher power and creator separate from our creator-self being. Magicians are part of the whole, the circle, the truth, the raw, the real, the god, right? There is no separation, it’s all one piece of the foundation of collaborative existence.

I, myself, do not believe in a higher power above our creation other than our own embodied light / earth / body. God doesn’t exist. We co-exist as a non-existing entity through a holy experience called being aware of self. We’re all specs of the same source and visa versa. Seemingly meaning we are one form yet vast patterns and formulations.

Later-after I was informed about Magic from another source point of view yet while in complete awareness of self knowing. I googled “God is not a magician” because it sounded so funny. I knew it came from somewhere. The words (spells!!) were exclaimed from the pope. 

Life is funny and not. I see through many eyes in between the veils at night. In the day, I ponder that which clears my mind away.

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