A sense of worth lays dormant in the mind of the conscious floater. Interested in more than what the eye can see, a species uncovered by the human mind lives to grind. Sustaining a feeling to express one's internal motivations, goals, and strength. To gather oneself in an open sea of eyes. Alone in a world created by man. A fixed imaginative perspective lead by cause and effect. Streaming simplistically as sun reflects moon and visa versa.

Radio waves. Are we all just waves swaying horizontally and vertically? I beg to differ. Compounds, chemicals, components are mindless specifications as time will tell.

What are dreams made of?
My dreams are not like the average mundane source. It's an experiment. Living on an earth bound experience. The mind breaks apart the infrastructure as consciousness trails a long road ahead.

Or so, we think. Thinking capsules are served daily. Remember, this too is a term in spacial coordinates. Sight imagined. Or scaled to proportions to fit the size. Primitive numbers 00 right temporal lobe.

It's a funny juxtaposition. To read with both eyes closed.
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