This is a Divine experience we as Creators are having for creation purposes to light up the world. Inner Light as much as Outer Light reflect our Light Self to embody intelligence, strength, and determination. We are the resource retrieving knowledge and wisdom to behold trust and love in a world perceived by senses.


Before every reading, I connect with your personal spiritual guidance, galactic soul tribe, and interdimensional teachers. The message is as simple as the smile that shines from your face in feelings of love, abundance, and harmony.

The reading will reflect on your present state of being within the heart, mind, and soul. The heart is a reflection of our human vessel. The beating sounds that motivate us to move forward during high and low points of our earthly experience.

The mind is an embodiment of our thinking patterns and thoughts. The movement between the inner and outer world coincides with our dreams in the astral realm as much as our experience in the physical realm of Mother Earth.

The soul is a vessel of light and dark matter trusting mind and heart to reconnect the love that birthed us into human existence.