Light Language

Get In Touch With Your Inner Guidance

Creator Master Healer, Veronica Lopez, offers powerful healing sessions using Light Language Activation to:

  • Open The Third Eye Chakra
  • Elevate The Galactic Center
  • Integrate Multidimensionality to Master Perception
  • Harness The Power of Qigong Energy Portals
  • Regenerate Merkebah Light Body
  • Travel Extradimensional Galaxies
  • Remembering Who We Are

Light Language Activation speak directly to our higher selves attuning to heart, mind and soul. There is no need to understand or to try and translate the Light Language received. These transmissions are meant to be achieved via our Inner Light Body. We are invited to experience a world of truth, abundance and potentiality in our growth here on the Mother Earth terrain and the vast worlds that we co-exist in.

“Life and death is a divine mutual arrangement.”

Book A Session Today

All sessions are done via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp and you can connect with your computer, mobile or digital device. For remote healing, you may choose not to be online. I will email a full 30 / 60 / 90 minutes video recording.

Session Rates:

Online: 30 min. - $100 • 60 min. - $200 • 90 min. - $300
Remote: 30 min. - $150 • 60 min. - $250 • 90 min. - $350