What can I say? I've had readings from Veronica a few times but being a professional divination reader myself, I absolutely detest reading for myself unless I had to. Hence, when my dreams of enochian sigils shook my world, I decided it was probably best to reach out again. A master occultist in various beliefs, Veronica truly delivers from the heart. Her channeling spirit during the reading gave me goosebumps and answers that many readers struggle to tell me. Her accuracy and poignant message resonated deeply with me as I focused on growing exponentially to be better for my clients which would never have been possible without Veronica. From the start, her excitement in deciphering my dreams to finally reading for me gave me renewed hope to delve into Enochian magic. Accurate, direct and empathetic, she is a sight to behold. I highly, highly recommend her readings. If guidance is what you seek, that is what you'll get and sometimes even more when she channels deeply. Mucho, mucho gracias mi amor.

- Nuwa Tarot, Croatia, Balkans

I first started talking to Veronica on social media and discovered what her skills and talents were. Since then, I've asked her to make crystal jewelry to help friends and family members with energy issues, health improvement and assisting with chronic pain. Their feedback has been quite positive. I've also requested remote energy/reiki healing. I myself have a necklace I use when traveling. With all of the balancing and healing that individuals, communities and the world needs these days, having assistance from someone with Veronica's talents is a blessing. 

Veronica is the real deal. Artistic, open-minded, personable, upbeat and well-traveled, she's not just an "old soul", she's a "rare free soul". If you get the feeling or impression that she can help you, or get a positive sense from what you see, then you rest assured she can help you because energy doesn't lie.

- Royce Gustafson, La Farge, Wisconsin, USA

Thank you Veronica. Your readings are lovely. They flow with informative guidance with special touches of kindness and love. I had to digest the information and the pictures themselves spoke volumes.  First, I have to say how pleased I was to hear I cleared some karmic debt. The day of the new moon, I felt a little lighter. I journaled, “I think I cleared some karmic debt, possibly ancestral debt too”. That confirmation was pretty amazing. 

In 2016 I went on a trip, either a past life regression, astral travel, abduction but it was the catalyst to start working with my shadows. It was a very profound experience & felt like I was showed that love is the greatest emotion human experience. Granted, it was a hunger games type feel and I was a giant, chasing down men like they were prey but I knew it wasnt a dream. I have been fortunate to have experienced true love in this reality. I was hoping to hear that my true love was still thinking about me but instead, the pictures on the cards told the true story. 

Michael, was very grounded and taught me a lot about compassion and understanding. He brought stability and security into my life for the first time in my life. He didn’t have it easy but made good choices and has done well for himself. He is now married to a young lady 15+ years younger and she comes with a trust fund, money. 

Octopuses are also masters of illusion. 

That first card is exactly our story. We were together for 9 years (9 apples). When we split, I began to feel like he lusted me more then loved. I was the masculine energy in that relationship as far as emotions. He thought I betrayed him and I felt he betrayed me. He never gave me closure and that was a wicked thing to do. 

Second card, I have had many lovers and did try to open back to love but the timing was off. Interesting thing about that card is my ex-husband, who is definitely a soul mate is the zodiac sign Pisces, the fish and my best friend of 30 years, my soul sister, as a Libra which is the scales of balance. Them to have both excepted me for my authentic self and I love them with all my heart. 

The last picture I believe is how my love story lives on. I am not comfortable being naked and I’ve always had a masculine energy above me watching and guiding me since a kid. I do have quite a bit of animal guides as well. But since I have done A LOT of shadow work, clear karmic debt, stopped censoring myself to make others feel comfortable, now I stand tall, no secrets, completely exposed and I am no longer ashamed of who I truly am. 

Michael, which he had a statue of ArcAngel Michael, that I broke by accident, was a lesson about love. The colors are those lessons and for me, this reading is closure about he and I in this reality. Thank you so much for helping me understand why I have so much love for him and how this needed to happen for me to move on. 

You are truly gifted and I am sharing your gift with anyone who will listen. 

Sincerely, I appreciate you and your 3 beautiful eyes. Like I know this is a long response but I think it’s just as important for you to know how freaking spot on this was and how profoundly this has touched me. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but rather exactly what I needed see. Thank you so much. Much love & gratitude to you my friend.

- Kristen Hearsey, Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA 

I ordered the vision and memory bracelet, along with a sticker! First off Veronica was very active with me the whole time and kept me update! Which is amazing customer experience! Second off the packaging for a the items were phenomenal, which means it was nice and secure. Third off, the moment I opened the package I didn't need to cleanse the items like I normally do, because it had such intense beautiful energy to them!

Like I never felt such amazing energy before. This just shows the love and patience Veronica puts into every item to make sure it does it do's!! I definitely will always recommend her and highly suggest her! The only energy I can match it to is the energy I got from my first piece of moldavite ( which gave me butterflies to my tummy) fourth off Veronica is like the most caring person and will do anything to meet your needs.

So all in all I definitely recommend her, and will be doing future business with her!

- Sam Robyn Howes, Vista, California, USA

Can attest that Veronica’s words are a superposition of metaphor. The time warps and hyperdimensional activities and artifacts she speaks of are reflections (metaphors) of spiritual activities, AND literal hyperdimensional activation patterns, and in a non-dual quantumesque superposition of those states. It's kind of like when a Zen Master meditates for hours, months, then paints a circle with one fluid brush-stroke. 

The vibe and essence of the spiritual state is imbued into the artwork and accessible to those willing to be sensitive to vibrations of extraordinary subtlety and nuance. Her work is more intricate and overtly visually interesting than a Zen circle drawing. Therefore, something for everyone. Anyone who sees it is like, "cool." The more sensitive can tell that these are graphical emanations of astral explorations. Those willing and able to voyage within n-dimensional inner space themselves may use these graphical thought forms as launching points or compasses. 

My only incentive for saying this by the way is a genuine appreciation her artwork. Having met this being in person, I can say that she is her artwork, like her life, is an act of living alchemy. Much love my friend.

- Ian McKenna, North San Juan, California, USA

Dear Veronica,

I couldn’t be more elated with this beautiful reading! It means the world to me that you picked up on my spirit guides and angels around me especially Kwan Yin whom I used to prayed to when I was younger.

I was in a dark place for sometime and your reading pushed me forward to start my own divination routine. It was incredible that you picked up on my twin flame that was indeed sucking the soul out of me as well as my soul crying out for the various healing of my traumas. You are utterly accurate and mindblowingly calm as that energy has lifted me and made me overjoyed for days.

Grateful is an understatement to how your reading has helped me move forward. Your empathy, kindness, consciousness and true belief in Gaia has sparked a faith in me to continue praying to my guides and ask for guidance.

I love you and appreciate all you’ve done. Thank you so much sweet love.

- Kathlyn Chua, Prague, Czech Republic, EU

I have been following Veronica for years now and have a few special pieces from her collection. Beautiful creations, great customer service and I always come out a satisfied customer.

- Adriana Perez, Oakland, California, USA

I want to write about this beautiful starseed, I met Veronica in Chile in a sacred fire. There I connected with her super cosmic energy, she was in Chile helping to awaken consciousness. I recognized her as a star seed like myself. I recommend her services and artworks.

- Soma Maia, Pucon, Chile, South America

Veronica is a strong cosmic healer and I’ve experienced some amazingly positive transformations since getting to know her. She will do a mighty work in you, and if somethings laying dormant in you, she will help you release it. I bought some of her powerful energetically charged healing crystals and I am so happy, these crystals are like magic. They work amazing and I’m obsessed. Also they’re super pretty on display, I have to get more! I love SpacePigeon!

- Mackenzie Nenkervis, Camarillo, California, USA

Veronica reached out to me in June about a doing commissioned piece. I love her dancing on Instagram and wanted to support, especially because we were in the beginning of the quarantine and I knew I had to keep fueling the things that bring me joy. 

Working with her was really smooth. She asked for a series of words and I easily decided on stream-of-consciousness. The whole process took about two weeks, I believe, and she was communicative and prompt with every bit of it. 

I love the ink drawing she made. Even more, I love that the social media platform helped connect me to an artist and thinker that I vibe with. 

- Sula Holmes, Lafayette, CO, USA

Veronica is one of those people that can talk about death like it’s this simple thing. “This is death, the experience we are experiencing here is death. Earth is death. Living is when we go on to the next... Life and Death is all the same. After we leave our bodies, everything is just going to be even more beautiful. The light that touched your heart is the light you will go into.”

I couldn’t allow this conversation to be lost in my memory. Everything resonated so deeply. It took me back to a prayer I would consistently pray. One of the 20 prayers that I know was the key factor to escape my narcissistic abusive relationship. 

“The mindset of the flesh is death. The mindset of the spirit is life and peace.” 

Veronica had been helping me process this epic life change. I constantly compared my return to my family as my rebirth. I recall saying so many times, “It feels like I died and went to heaven.” Her knowing or, understanding of death is what helped me understand my psychology at a much more deeper level. “Death is just... you never know, you know?” She said. She’s right though. Such a vague statement, yet it’s filled with so many untold and undiscovered secrets behind it. Death is everywhere. In life there is death, and in death there is life. Without Veronica and her guidance, her own version/experience of escape, vast understanding and wisdom I would be stuck in the numbness that is the void I was sinking into.

She’s overcome the unimaginable. Without her vast pain and suffering she has had to endure this lifetime alone. I, like countless others who have crossed Veronica’s path would be lost in darkness much longer than need be. She triggers within you life inside your multiple deaths you will inevitably endure and take you to understanding and higher perspectives.

This powerful healer has taken me to the next level of consciousness. Do you believe for even a second that she won’t trigger this within you? She is an eagle. She is compassion. She is you. She is me! Just so you can understand how deeply she is capable of understanding you.

Not even the one of the most uncomfortable discussion topics known in the matrix is too complex for her to help you understand. To understand yourself, you must be willing too. Release your expectations and discover what she has known and relearned over the millenniums of space time.

I look up to this strong independent woman. She is my sister and mentor, as well as an inspiration to myself and many. As my soul continues to grow she is always there. A soul evolved past comprehension, an eye who can perceive truth through awareness. 

Her art has an ability to send you into a trance. All are filled with information that speaks to the subconscious mind. It’s very rare to find someone with a vibration as elevated as hers. Dedicated to her passion, passionate about art. She is an embodiment of art, magic and truth. 

A soul as free as this is never to be underestimated. A living physical guide. Exceptionally talented artist and healer, Veronica Lopez.

- Vicki Rodriguez, Rocky Face, Georgia, USA

I have worked with Veronica Lopez, SpacePigeon and shaman healer, in ceremony in Los Angeles- and remotely for years. Her channels are clear and strong, and support my own as we work in the healing arts in our own specialties.

- Celestial Skye Queen, Gold Hill, Oregon, USA

My mother and I love our necklaces, we wear them ALL THE TIME! We both had ours on (I have amethyst and she has the rose quartz) the other day as we went looking for a new home and there was nothing but love & hope in our hearts and in the air! Each necklace is beautifully crafted and offers the option to have it hang loosely or tightly around your neck. I love wearing my crystal and knowing its safe around my neck, protecting my energy. 

A total plus is that we’ve gotten multiple compliments on the necklaces as well a divine gift for anyone, but I am so grateful I gifted my mother the rose quartz necklace so that she always has my love with her. 

Veronica, your creations are always so beautiful and high vibrational, thank you so much for making and sharing your wonderful gifts!

- Sarah Whitaker, Big Bear, California, USA

Every single gorgeous creation I’ve received from you, whether it be a necklace, sticker, or special drawing it has felt incredibly personal. It always makes me smile when I open the package! I feel so amazing, knowing I’m supporting such a sweet amazing, badass person on top of that! I feel the love and care you put into your work.

- Megan Zaldivar, Alhambra, California, USA

Veronica is her work, is her art, and she manages to prolifically display such art forms through multiple mediums like 2D paintings and drawings, handmade jewelry, and the physical body (dance and movement through space).

I was first introduced to Veronica virtually through a mutual friend, Chandra, who was sick with cancer. She told me that Veronica, at the time SpacePigeon, was someone she believed I should know and that we would be great travel partners. I looked into it, and immediately saw from pictures that Veronica was an eclectic being not of this world. We got into contact and decided we would someday meet. I immediately felt this sense of a warm welcome and good prospects for the future - a creative feminine and female force of power.

A couple months had passed until I heard from Veronica again. I decided to go on a serendipitous trip to the mountains with a couple friends for a gathering of music and dance on a Saturday night. Intense music is playing at volume 11 and I’m dancing for life and death. In a moment, I gaze up and see and feel this woman doin’ her thing, in her bedazzling outfit, and I’m diggin’ her vibes. Reluctantly, the host had to shut down early, which means the music stopped at 10pm, too early for a Saturday night in the mountains! It was an awkward shut down, and many people left back to their camps. I ended up sitting by a huge tree with a stranger. As we began talking, the same bedazzling woman from the dance floor approaches us and starts speaking. She ends up sitting in this huge fold out lawn chair next to us, literally fit for a queen! (She looked so tiny sitting in it - hilarious!) She continues talking about life, earth, the cosmos, the spirits, the government, the drones, the lightup sneakers, the fire poi, torture, love, you, me, and magic. Almost 2 hours had passed before I realized - SpacePigeon! Oh my Goddess! It was a surprise for both of us, and we hugged eagerly. It was such an uplifting and magical experience to connect with Veronica under such a coincidence, or as I like to call it, synchronicity.

We ended up leaving southern California together as roaddogs (travel partners). We made it to North San Juan where we both had history, and got to visit with old friends, make new ones, and enjoy the beautiful and refreshing Yuba River. There was never a dull moment. With her, I was kept on my toes - living, learning, and loving my path. 

The day came for us to separate, we had different callings. It wasn’t sad or over-dramatic. With Veronica, there is a great sense of understanding and comfort that we do what is right for us.

I got to see Veronica again back in LA. There was this artist that drew a portrait of us as animals - me, a snake, wrapped around her, a frog. (While we were in northern CA, we also had another reading together, in which I was a vessel, a holding space, and Veronica was the matter that filled the vessel, that made it a particular space.) Like our portrait of the snake around the frog, and our metaphor of matter and space, Veronica was there for me when I needed it, and I for her. Not only is she a cosmic healer, but she is also a recipient and student of the earth’s medicines and works.

I fully support Veronica’s works and am always impressed with what her heart provides in format. Last year I purchased one of her drawings. Although her work is usually full of an array of color, this piece was a black and white ink drawing. A chalice stands through the dark, with two snake-like creatures winding its’ way from the bottom to the top, creating the head of an elephant. At the base, two hands protrude to the sides, symbolizing a mantra. The entire chalice is encapsulated with symbols and imagery reminiscent of the heart/love, triangles, Yin and Yang, the All Seeing Eye, and the six pointed star, or hexagram. It’s image to me spoke out to the occult, and to the magic and whims and wits of modern day shamanism.

Our friend Chandra ended up passing from her cancer. It was months before either of us heard of her death. I cried so hard. I couldn’t thank Chandra enough for bringing us together, my life would be completely different.Thank you, SpacePigeon, for being you. This world needs a power and force such as yours in this beautiful human form to help our world overcome our shortcomings.

- Carmella Crissman, Los Alamitos, California, USA

I met Veronica randomly in Los Angeles, and we took part in an indigenous ceremony which lasted an hour or so. We laughed together, enjoyed each other's company and have stayed in contact for going on 5 years now. I love her and her artwork is beyond amazing too. I'm always impressed with her creativity and compassion.

- Dena, Los Angeles, California, USA

I met Veronica at Cosmic Consciousness gathering in LA in 2017 and knew immediately that she was going to have a profound impact on my life. The energy she puts into her creations is a magic beyond this realm. She is tapped into higher spirit and having her work in my home has enhanced my space and heart exponentially.

- Erica Robin, Camarillo, California, USA

I have long been looking for profound pieces of artwork and jewelry that accent my lifestyle and I stumbled across Veronica Lopez’s Pigeon creations. Her connections to her pieces are perfectly translated and personalizations are met with ease. I have worn her quartz necklace everyday since she sent it, even through the birth of my son! It is incredibly grounding and personal to me, and I am incredibly grateful. I will always admire her ability to balance professionalism and artistry. 

- Chloe Rodriguez, Brownsville, Texas, USA

This wonderful woman that I had the pleasure of meeting, made me realize how important it is to take time and place for oneself. Get to know each other, love each other, enjoy each other. It is always rewarding to have an encounter with her, listen to her, and observe her.

- Karen Tamola, Buenos Aires, Argentina, SA